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A Mazda warranty comes standard with a new Mazda vehicle or Mazda Certified Pre-Owned car. This warranty serves as a contract between the automaker and the buyer to cover certain types of Mazda service at dealerships like Tumminia Mazda under certain conditions for a given period of time. However, it’s worth asking about the circumstances under which that contract can be broken, and those warranties voided.

Salvage Titles Aren’t Covered

Receiving a salvage title will automatically void your warranty. This would happen if your car were totaled in an accident and repaired later. Unknowingly receiving a salvage title can occur when purchasing a used car from a private dealer or independent car lot.

Environmental Damage

Even if your car is repairable after being damaged by a flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or another natural disaster, the warranty will not likely cover those repairs and may void it entirely. However, depending on the policy and any applicable insurance riders, you may have coverage from your auto or home insurance.

Improper Vehicle Use

Improper vehicle use is a broad category, but think of it as anything that might go beyond normal expectations for a car. For example, if you were the owner of a Mazda MX-5 Miata and decided to race it. Any maintenance issue that came up due to racing could void the warranty.

Using Aftermarket Parts

The Mazda standard of performance is based upon the car running with OEM-approved Mazda parts. While you are free to modify your vehicle under your ownership, those aftermarket parts you install may terminate your warranty if they’re determined to be the source of car trouble. Be careful before making any modifications, and read your warranty, or contact Tumminia Mazda, if you don’t want to void it early.

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