If MAZDA oil change coupons aren’t enough to entice you to visit the Tumminia Mazda service center, the potential damage to your vehicle might change your mind. Skipping what might be the simplest — and is undoubtedly one of the least expensive — maintenance items can have dire consequences for your car and your wallet. Let’s take a closer look.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

To understand why oil changes are so significant, it helps to understand what motor oil is doing for your engine. We take for granted that it’s a lubricant, but it’s performing other functions too. Less friction leads to less heat, and when parts aren’t grinding against one another, they’re cleaner and experience less wear.

Repercussions of Skipping Your MAZDA Oil Change

So what happens if you skip oil changes?

  • Your engine has to work harder to produce the same torque and horsepower, so your fuel economy suffers.
  • As we’ve seen, more friction means more wear, so your engine will likely fail sooner than it would with proper maintenance.
  • Friction also leads to heat, which can cause your engine to seize.
  • Oil loses viscosity — its “slippery” property — as it ages and turns gummy; old oil can cause the problems it was designed to prevent.
  • With repeated neglect, your engine will fail.

How Can You Take Better Care of Your MAZDA Car?

We understand that most essential maintenance doesn’t come cheap. However, let’s put the cost in perspective: while an oil change might cost you up to $100, a new engine will run you $3,000 or more. Obviously, good car care is a must.

Scheduling Mazda service with us has several advantages. We can change your oil quickly, but we don’t stop there. We’re also checking your vehicle for other potential mechanical and performance issues, and evaluating critical systems like your tires, filters, brakes, and fluid levels.

Our goal is to ensure your car is always ready to give you its best. Help us to help you. Visit Tumminia Mazda for expert service and genuine Mazda parts today!

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