Ensuring your car has fresh motor oil is one of the essential maintenance considerations. While we always recommend getting professional oil changes at our Mazda service center at Tumminia Mazda (remember, we have rotating Mazda service coupons to save you money), it is a relatively simple process to check your car’s oil level on your own. Here’s a guide to checking the oil level in your Mazda car.

Prepare for the Check

First, ensure your Mazda car is parked on level, even ground, with the engine off and the transmission in “Park” with the parking brake engaged. Lift the hood. If you don’t know how to do this, consult the owner’s manual.

Find and Pull the Dipstick

The dipstick is the Mazda part that lets you see your car’s oil level. It’s usually easy to locate. It has a small colored handle, typically yellow or orange, and it’s marked with an oil can icon.

Once you have located the dipstick, pull it entirely out of the tube. Have a rag or a paper towel convenient, and wipe the oil off the end of the dipstick. At the tip, there will be two lines, a lower one that indicates that the oil is one quart low and an upper one that denotes the oil level is full.

Note the Oil Level

Insert the dipstick slowly back into the tube and push it down. Withdraw it again and look at the tip. If the level is between the two lines, the vehicle has enough oil, but if it’s at the lower mark or below, it’s time to schedule a Mazda oil change.

If your oil levels are chronically low, you may have a leak. If your motor oil is discolored, it’s aged and needs to be changed. When these things happen, schedule service at Tumminia Mazda so our mechanics can get your car back into top condition. 

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